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Geothermal Heat Pumps in Berlin, PA

The Tetco geothermal heat pump represents one of the best choices in heating. cooling and domestic water heating compared to alternative systems. It provides numerous benefits and features:
  • Saves on heating and cooling bills - 30% - 60% average by tapping into the energy stored beneath your backyard.
  • Environmentally friendly- does not rely on the combustion of fossil fuel, reducing air pollution.
  • Reduces water heating cost - with a desuperheater, preheating domestic water while the unit is running.
  • Breathe easier - decrease in allergy related problems.
  • Feel safe & secure - no unsightly tanks, no flame, no fumes. no emissions-no deadly carbon to worry about.
  • Spend less on maintenance and repairs - self-contained unit requires less maintenance.
  • 95% satisfaction rate - 95% of all geo thermals owners say that, because of the comfort, energy savings and safety, they would recommend installing a geothermal system.
  • Recommended by the US Government - as a solution to reducing energy consumption and a means to conserving natural resources and reducing air pollution. geothermal technology is in the forefront. Sperry Drilling Inc drills the ground loop in a series of holes to fit the heat loss of your house. A closed loop is installed, back-filled and brought into the house. This earth loop will then provide your source of heat.
Ground-source heat pump and solar panels diagram — Geothermal Heat Pumps in Berlin, PA
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