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Brand-Name Pool Chemicals & Pool Heaters in Berlin, PA


A New Line of Chemicals

Enjoy crystal-clear water all summer long with BAQUACIL™ pool chemicals from Sperry Drilling Inc of Berlin, Pennsylvania. Order these handy chemicals to keep your pool clean, clear, and ready to use! BAQUA Spa® chemicals are also available, for your convenience.
BAQUACIL has been keeping pools clear without chlorine for more than two decades and is now a part of our product line. The pool care systems provide complete protection against bacteria and algae without the harsh effects of chlorine.
Swimming Pool — Treatment in Berlin, PA
Imagine water with no irritated eyes; bright, vibrant swimsuits that keep their color; and hair that doesn't dry out. Only BAQUACIL pool chemicals make it possible. Gentle to the skin, BAQUACIL lets you feel secure in knowing you're not only doing something good for your pool, but also something good for your family, too. It is ideal for any type of pool: in-ground, above-ground, fiberglass, vinyl, or plaster.

Most Efficient Pool Heaters

Heat Siphon is the most efficient pool heater in the world. Now you can afford to heat your pool with the lowest operating cost, 50% less in natural gas, 75% less in propane, and 80% less in oil and electric. Extend your swimming season by months with a warm pool by Heat Siphon. Swim warm 24/7 at 85°F for $2.50 a day, rated by "Best By Test" 5 years running.