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Water Well Drilling in Berlin, PA

Sperry Drilling Inc has become one of the area's leading water authorities on all phases of water needs, treatment and service since its founding in 1969. The company was originally started by Bernard Sperry and has continued on in the family through the third generation. The company has professional well drillers and pump installers that are certified through the National Ground Water Association, as well as being licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Sperry Drilling Inc takes pride in serving the communities in these areas.
Although well design may appear to be a simple procedure. geologic strata. demand, storage, water quality and flow need to be considered. Each well is started with a borehole to set the casing, which keeps contaminants from entering the well and the sides of the well from caving. Casing depths of at least 21'- 40' are required by each state's law. The driller continues drilling inside the casing to the depth needed to ensure the homeowner of enough water supply and storage. The well can then be grouted to ensure the seal. A well liner is installed, when needed, to protect your pump and maintain the stability of the well from caving. A cap or seal is then placed on top of the well to protect the water in the well from debris and contaminants. Sperry Drilling Inc takes pride in offering you the best in professional service and top quality products at pricing that is affordable to you, the homeowner.
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