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Water Conditioning And Filters in Berlin, PA

Sperry Drilling offers water conditioning and softeners made by Water Pro. 'the system that treats your water right.' Free water analysis tests for Iron. PH, Hardness, Manganese and Sulfur are available. A full line of conditioners and filters are offered to take care of all your water problems from dirt and rust, taste and odor, to iron, sulfur, ph and manganese. Balanced water makes your body feel fresher, your laundry softer and brighter, requires less laundry soap, makes general cleaning easier, preserves faucets and plumbing, adds life to your hot water heater, eliminates water stains and unsightly rings, and makes your hair more radiant and manageable. You will save time, effort and money on all kinds of water usage, making everything taste and smell better and clear and safe to use.
Occasionally, bacteria is a problem with springs or water wells. The ultraviolet light will rid your water of these harmful bacteria and provide you with safe drinking water.